Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Official Waitlist Numbers

I've been M.I.A.. Forgive me.
I still have yet to post about my first half marathon...Sometimes I need to take a break from the blogs, listserves, and FB as it can consume me. We've also been really busy! We just finished our Home Study update as it expires March 3rd. I can't believe we've been in the process long enough to require an update. Hopefully this will be the last one!

We received our February numbers late last night and were pleasantly surprised at our movement on the lists. 



I read a quote today that I find special given this season we are in our lives here at our home. 

"Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together."
~Author Unknown~



Keeping up with the Birmele's said...

Love the movement on numbers! Praying for enough movement this year to bring your little bub HOME to their mommy & daddy! XOXOXO

michelle said...

Totally understand the MIA, that is why I started our new blog:
in addition our
to place into perspective, living the here and now, every now and then.

We, too, are in the process of updates, hard to believe it is that time already, now we are waiting for the USCIS Biometrics update apts again. Praying AGCI and ET have the ability to move along so we bring our kiddos home this yr. We are 53(G) & 43(B) this month, we remain close with our #'s:)


Alison said...

YAY!!! Love all your movement this month! Praying that March will be full of even more! :)

Amy Bentz said...

It's so exciting to have movement! Your day is coming! I'm praying for this trend to continue. It would be so nice to have a "normal" flow to the referrals!