Thursday, February 9, 2012

12 weeks later........

This is what my last 12 weeks have looked like among time with family and friends, weekend trips, holidays {I was faithful even then}, construction and appointments. 

Why would I choose such abuse?!?!?


Two women who have inspired and touched my life though we have never literally met: Gina and Abby {one 28 and the other 33 years old}. They are each fighting for their lives at different stages of breast cancer. 

This Sunday, in honor of them both, I will be running my first half marathon at age 35 in Jacksonville, FL at The Run for Donna hosted by the Mayo Clinic. 

On October 22, 2011 Gina wrote: 
I enjoyed a great visit from an old friend on Tuesday. It was great to catch up and spend go to dinner together. Her visit prompted me to have a goal to do something I never thought I would want to do or could do. And after talking to my neighbor that same night it reinforced the goal. So hear it is, as long as I'm cleared by all my doctors. I am going to try to run a 1/2 marathon in February. The run is in Jacksonville. It is the Donna National race for breast cancer. My neighbor runs it every year and wanted to run for "Team Gina". She even wants to wear the shirts. I thought well why not run too. Some may think I'm crazy, hey I think I'm crazy. But I'm so excited for this challenge. Anyone who wants to attempt it with me is very welcomed.

I pondered the thought of running the half marathon. Selfishly I remembered my mid-20's when I improperly ran and injured my right knee. I didn't care to do that again. I also am older and can someone just pick up and start running? I would gas out halfway through a 5K! I thought about it and the more prayer I spent raising Gina up the more I felt like I should do this run. Then I learned of Abby in November. My brother's wife grew up with her and my hub's sister roomed with her in college. After finishing law school she was diagnosed in October 2011 and immediately had the same double mastectomy and began chemo.

I knew I had to train and run in their honor. 

I won't lie. I hated the beginning. I hated taking time to challenge my body in such an intense program. I had not done anything like this before. Was it worth it? I mean, to get up and start your day pounding pavement??? My mind switched Abby and Gina have a choice to not challenge their bodies and fight cancer??? 

I chose to pound pavement.

Looking back over the last 12 weeks of earnest and faithful training I have learned a lot. I have learned to ask for help and not try figure it out on my own {the science of diet and shoes when training}. I've learned that running creates a peaceful space for God. I've learned that running, or any physical ability, is a gift that many do not have. Do you know where Gina will be this weekend during the time she had planned to run her half marathon??? She will be in Houston enrolled in a clinical trial fighting, literally fighting, for her life. Activity and health IS A GIFT. Cherish it. I've learned that with God, effort, and focus "I CAN do ALL things through CHRIST...." I have learned that it is not my split or race time that matters, but simply finishing. I find that to be a good metaphor in life. It's all a journey.

On Sunday, February 12, 2012;  my hubs will lace up with me to run the half marathon at The Run for Donna. Two of our dearest friends will be there to support us and cheer us through the finish line. 

I will snap in my hair extensions specifically for Abby who proudly sports her HOT PINK wig to her chemo appointments {her fellow patients and the healthcare workers love it...she's kinda famous for it...HA!}. The chemo took her thick, long brown hair, but hasn't broken her spirit. I will have pink hair specifically for her.
I will put on my pink running skirt
and custom race bib for Gina and Abby.

I will not give up on Sunday even if my mind and body try to convince me that I cannot finish. I will be one of thousands of people supporting and celebrating women AND men who have been faced with the disease of breast cancer. I will humbly run with honor. This is a big hurdle and challenge for me personally, but the race is so much more to me than "I". 

I'll let you know how it goes. Please keep Gina and Abby in your prayers. Please pray we have a safe race. Give thanks for your ability, agility and health. Do not take the regular things of life for granted.


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michelle said...

Praying for you all & perfect weather!

"With God's help we will do mighty things."
Psalm 60:12