Saturday, October 31, 2009

Indie (aka Indiana Jones)

Introducing Indie!
As you know we recently lost our Little Pea suddenly a week ago Friday. Last Monday I was headed to get my blood drawn a few minutes from our home when I stumbled upon a little budge dodging traffic on a VERY busy street. I found this little cocker spaniel with a million fleas, dread locked fur and a small cut on her head. I stopped and she immediately rolled on her back and was affectionate. I've never "rescued" an animal from the side of the road, but "something" that day made me stop (part God and my love for animals). I called my mom and our vet to know what I should do. I knew the humane society may not find her a home and most likely euthanize her in 10 days or so, which meant this was not an option.

Mom and I decided to the vet we would go. We had her groomed, medicated for fleas, vaccinated and medically checked by Dr. Franklin (my hero as she saved Chloe when she was very little). The Sanlando Animal Hospital fell in love with her too. This is the kind of dog that everyone who has come in contact with her has immediately fallen in love. At the time we hadn't thought of a name and "Stray" was not suitable. We decided to call her "Indie" which is short for Indiana Jones since we found her exploring and on an adventure in Apopka, FL.

So now, we needed to find her a loving home. This little girl is such a snuggler and full of desire to love and be loved. This week Dad taught her how to play with toys and how to play fetch. They became very attached to Indie. We prayed for a good home and knew God would lead to either allow her to stay with my parents or find her a good home. Either way, we wanted God to lead and accept whatever He decided we should do.

I sent a photo of her out to my girlfriends here in Florida to put feelers out. My dear friend Ashley Birmele said she fell instantly in love with Indie by photos but that she couldn't take her. However, Ash went on to say that Bryan's mom was VERY interested. Becky, Bryan's mom, and her husband Jimmy are two very amazing and loving people. Last night we took Indie to Becky and Jimmy's. Their current dog, Max, and Indie instantly connected and started playing. We knew this was the right place for Indie as hard as it was to see her go. Indie is really going to be loved in her new home. The blessing is that we can still see Indie from time to time.

God did a wonderful thing for us. We lost Little Pea and were/are heartbroken. I found a pup which may not be alive today had I not pulled over. I am thankful for the gift of Indie. I believe God placed her in my path for a reason. We couldn't save Pea but we could save Indie. It reminded me of why I love being an ER nurse. Saving a life is one of the most rewarding actions. It's one of those things where you want nothing in return, but want everything for the person or pet. Just simply want them to find happiness and love.

If I could open a charity and do this full time I would. I have found so much joy in Indie. God sent me a small package full of blessings.

Ashley, I love you and thank you for helping me find a wonderful home for beautiful Indie!

Mom, you're an amazing woman with such a huge heart! Thank you for joining in the rescue! Thank you for teaching me how to love selflessly and help others along life's journey.

A pets sole purpose in life is to love and be loved! Their life far outweighs the loss and pain we feel when they depart our world. I will forever remember the family pets we have lost, but will forever swim in the happiness they brought and continue to bring to my life.

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kera said...

she's absolutely precious fler! #1 i'm itching now that you mentioned fleas! #2 before i even got to the bottom of your blog i was thinking the same thing that YOU and you MOM have the biggest hearts! how wonderful that you rescued her and found her a good home!!